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July 28 2013

Now what?

What the hell am I supposed to do? Where do we head to? Do you EVEN BOND ME with your future or are you going to leave me like I`m some kind of trash? Don`t be afraid to do it if you want, I got used to it.

I`m fucking tired of NOT KNOWING SHIT!!!!!
I do everything that I ever wanted to, I shouldn`t complain but... I just FUCKING CAN`T STAND THIS. CAN`T STAND NOT KNOWING IF YOU`RE REALLY MINE, IF YOU BOND YOUR FUTURE WITH ME.

Guess what,
You`re not the only one that gets tired. If you`re pushing me, please stop. I really love you and it hurts. If you`re playing with me, then just please, kill everything that`s left of me. Everything that you saved. Just kill it and let me be.

Maybe i didn`t deserve your love. Maybe I did something wrong... Please tell me what the fuck I fucked up!!!!

I`m tired
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July 11 2013

Last one died a long time ago, right?

Now it all just feels like it`s some kind of dream, like it never really happened. Is there everything gone inside? 
Lately I`ve wondered what would it be like if I`d meet you now. Would I know you? Would you know me? Would we like each other? It`s just... I`m curious how you`re doin. I know that there`s strong possibility that we will never ever meet again. But it doesn`t make me sad. I had wonderful moments with you and I will cherish them inside forever. I`ll never forget your face, eventhough I forgot your voice. 

I`m fine. 
I hope you`re too.

And this is how the rose dies.

July 05 2013

Now you see me now you don't.
I'll light your path when the sun and moon won't.
Fleeing from danger or running to fight,
I'm a sign of life in blackest night.
— What am I?
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