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Now what?

What the hell am I supposed to do? Where do we head to? Do you EVEN BOND ME with your future or are you going to leave me like I`m some kind of trash? Don`t be afraid to do it if you want, I got used to it.

I`m fucking tired of NOT KNOWING SHIT!!!!!
I do everything that I ever wanted to, I shouldn`t complain but... I just FUCKING CAN`T STAND THIS. CAN`T STAND NOT KNOWING IF YOU`RE REALLY MINE, IF YOU BOND YOUR FUTURE WITH ME.

Guess what,
You`re not the only one that gets tired. If you`re pushing me, please stop. I really love you and it hurts. If you`re playing with me, then just please, kill everything that`s left of me. Everything that you saved. Just kill it and let me be.

Maybe i didn`t deserve your love. Maybe I did something wrong... Please tell me what the fuck I fucked up!!!!

I`m tired

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